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Long ago, Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation had to make a choice between focusing on selling a substandard product that is cheaply manufactured, or focusing on selling the best quality product for service, durability, and your long-lasting benefit. With this decision facing us, we tried to put ourselves in your shoes. We felt you would prefer to deal with a company that puts everything possible into its product to make it the best and most useful, rather than a company that uses cheap materials and cheap labor to turn out to be a second-rate product. We believe that man clearly understands that good things are not cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.

We understand that our line of business responds to reliability, integrity, quality products, and consistency due to its critical nature and competitive atmosphere…and it is due to this understanding and our vast experience that we have built a solid client-base and lasting relationships with our customers all over the Philippines.

From our humble beginnings, we have transformed into a recognized and an established company, having the capacity to strive for something bigger. This success is due to the confidence of our consumers in us and our over 60 company employees since 1956, and how with the years of experience, became one of the leading players in our profession.


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