Cla-Val 52-01 Surge Anticipator

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Cla-Val 52-01 Surge Anticipator Valve Features

  • System Saver
  • Protects Against Water Hammer Surges
  • Opens On Initial Low Pressure Wave
  • Closes Slowly To Prevent Subsequent Surges
  • Adjustable Over A Wide Range of Settings
The Cla-Val Model 52-01 Surge Anticipator Valve is indispensable for protecting pumps, pumping equipment and all applicable pipelines from dangerous pressure surges caused by rapid changes of flow velocity within a pipeline.
When pumping systems are started and stopped gradually, harmful surges do not occur. However, should a power failure take place, the abrupt stopping of the pump can cause dangerous surges in the system which could result in severe equipment damage.
Power failure to a pump will usually result in a down surge in pressure, followed by an up surge in pressure. The surge control valve opens on the initial low pressure wave, diverting the returning high pressure wave from the system. In effect, the valve has anticipated the returning high pressure wave and is open to dissipate the damage causing surge. The valve will then close slowly without generating any further pressure surges.

Typical Application

The 52-01 discharges to atmosphere from a tee in the pump discharge header. The valve anticipates surges caused by power failure as well as acting as a standard over pressure relief valve.


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