Cla-Val 92-01 Pressure Reducing & Sustaining Valve

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Cla-Val 92-01 Pressure Reducing & Sustaining Valve Features

  • Accurate Response to Slight Pressure Changes
  • Check Feature Available
  • Completely Automatic Operation
  • Drip-Tight, Positive Seating Action
  • Operation is Fully Hydraulic

The Cla-Val Model 92-01 Combination Pressure Reducing and Pressure Sustaining Valve automatically performs two independent functions. It maintains a constant downstream pressure, regardless of fluctuating demand, and sustains the upstream pressure to a pre-determined minimum.

The pressure reducing control responds to slight variations in downstream pressure and immediately repositions the main valve to maintain the desired downstream pressure. The pressure sustaining control is normally held open by the upstream pressure, but modulates should the pressure drop to the control set point. This, in turn, modulates the main valve to sustain the desired upstream pressure.

Typical Applications

A Combination Pressure Reducing and Pressure Sustaining Valve is typical used to automatically reduce pressure for the downstream distribution network and sustain a minimum pressure in the high pressure main regardless of distribution demand.


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